Pregnancy Yoga

As soon as you become pregnant your whole world might seem turned upside-down. Physically as well as emotionally there will be a shift in awareness. Yoga helps to become aware of the changing body and the fluctuations of the mind and emotions. The physical and breathing excercises will bring strength, flexibility and calmness to both body and mind. You will learn to have faith in your intuition and inner strength.

Pregnancy yoga is all about the perception of your pregnancy and childbirth. By being aware of what the body and mind require at this very moment, you will be able to feel intuitively what you are required to do at the moment of childbirth. That is why you are encouraged to feel, feel, feel and feel during the pregnancy yoga classes and become aware of the workings and requirements of your body and mind at that moment.

During the classes the emphasis will be on physicial excercises that will be helpful during pregnancy and labour, various breathing techniques, massaging techniques, as well as relaxation excercises.

Partner classes

Each month, on the last Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, partner classes are held. In partner classes the focus will be on how the partner can support the mother-to-be during pregnancy and labour. By getting familiar with the various physical, massaging and breathing techniques, the partner will be more comfortable in feeling what the mom-to-be requires. Partners are highly encouraged to join this class. As we learn from the partners, most rate these classes highly valuable.

The course

There is no fixed starting point for this course. Thus, classes are designed to meet the needs of women in all phases of pregnancy. The major themes Relaxation, Concentration and Strength are adressed regularly. Always in conjunction with the breath. You will learn to apply the breath as a tool to relax, to focus and to support your (inner) strength. Each class will be different, however throughout the course many of the excercises are repeated a couple of times. This enables you to feel the effects more and more intensely and to apply the techniques intuitively during pregnancy and labour.

When can I start?

As this is a cyclical course with no fixed starting date, you are free to start some time between the 13th and 27th pregnancy week. Join whenever you are ready. However, yoga is about feeling. Feeling requires some time to settle and be understood. Therefore, we advise you to start as early as possible.

Feel free to take a try-out class first to see if this class meets up to your expectations. Try-out classes cost €12,50.

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