Pregnancy Yoga

Congratulations, you are pregnant! With your pregnancy many things change. Physically, as well as emotionally and mentally. Relaxation then becomes very important. When you are relaxed you will notice that you can deal with all these changes more easily and feel more naturally what you need, both in pregancy as during labour.

The course

Pregnancy yoga as taught at Bodhi’s is based on the classic hatha yoga. The fundamental principles of yoga, the trinity of body-breath-awareness, will reach a deeper understanding in pregnancy. In the first place, yoga teaches you how to relax. A relaxed state brings space and awareness can grow. You will become more aware of your inner wisdom, and learn to listen to your body during your pregnancy and labour.

The basic course consists of a cycle of 3 months, addressing the major themes Relaxation, Concentration and Strength. Always in conjunction with the breath. You will learn to apply the breath as a tool to relax, to focus and to maintain and apply your (inner) strength. Each class will be different, however throughout the course most of the excercises are repeated a couple of times. This enables you to feel the effects on a deeper level and apply them more naturally during pregnancy and labour. Various poses and excercises to deal with the contractions and birth will be addressed, as well as breathing and massaging techniques.

Partner classes

Every 4th lesson of the month is a partner class. A very practical class in which the partners get tools on how to support you during labour. Partners learn about the importance of relaxation and surrender, staying focused and maintaining en effectively applying strength during labour. And, more important, how they can support you effectively. By getting familiar with the various physical, massaging and breathing techniques, the partner will be more comfortable in feeling what the mom-to-be requires.

Joining the course and class dates

You can start any time in between your 13th and 25th week of pregnancy. However, to integrate the excercises, become familiar with them and to go through the whole course, you need at least 3 months. Therefore, we encourage you to start as early as possible.

The course consists of 4 lessons per month. Every 4th lesson is a partner class. In 2019 there will be NO LESSONS on Saturday March 30th, Wednesday May 1st, Saturday June 1st, Wednesday July 31st, Wednesday October 2nd and Saturday November 2nd.

Trial class and course fee

A trial class costs €15,-. Trial classes cannot be booked during partner classes. Would you like to book a trial class, then please click on Bodhi.Fitmanager and create your own member account. Once confirmed, you can book your class. Go to ‘Kalender’, click on your preferred class and then on the button ‘Boek een proefles’. You will be re-directed to iDeal. Once paid, you are immediately registered for the class.

Enjoyed your trial class? Then you can register for the course. By registering, you intend to commit yourself to the whole course period which runs from your starting date until 2 weeks before the expected due date. Payments are done monthly through automatic payments and will be discontinued automatically at the end of the course. The monthly fee is €52,-.

Need and invoice? These are always available for download in your member account.


The teachers are Fianne Mulder and Jantien Hadders. They are skilled and experienced (pregnancy and hatha) yoga teachers and are member of the Dutch Association of Yoga Teachers (Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland).

Need more information? Please contact Fianne