Hatha Yoga english class

Hatha yoga originates from ancient India, meaning ‘yoke’ or ‘to unite’. Hatha is the aggregated term of ‘Ha’ (meaning sun) and ‘Tha’ (meaning moon), referring to uniting or balancing opposing forces and energies – action/rest, within/outside, light/darkness, body/mind, etc.

Hatha yoga consists of the practice of physical excercises (asana’s), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation techniques and meditation, aimed at raising the awareness of body, mind and soul. Through the asanas and pranayamas blocked energy can be released, restoring vitality and physical and mental well-being.


Our classes are accessible to everyone: we highly encourage everyone to practice at their own level. This is different for each and everyone in every single pose. Each lesson will be different: some exercises from prior lessons will be repeated and new excercises will be taught. All mixed with some yoga philosophy. Each lesson will be concluded with a relaxation exercise.

The exercises include bends, twists and stretches as well as balancing and strengthening poses. All supported by the breath. In a gentle way you develop muscle strength, flexibility and both physical and mental awareness.

The weekly practise of yoga increases your flexibility and strength. By practising with full attention and care your mind will be in the presence, resulting in a calm and relaxed mind. Even though the lessons can be intense sometimes, most people feel revitalised and relaxed after their yoga practise